Links. Deleted

So today I deleted a couple of non working links in the "grassroots" category. One was GEMS, a worthy cause founded around the issue of trafficking in girls and women. Until recently, this was believed to be a problem "overseas." There was general denial that American born girls and women get trafficked. We now know better. Anyway, GEMS doesn't link back to this blog for some reason. So if you're interested in learning more, check it out. Girls Educational and Mentoring Service.

The other broken link was Gang Stalking World. A conspiracy website. Very involved and detailed. The thing about conspiracy theories is that there's always enough truth, logic and/or reasonable doubt in them that ordinary people can find them feasible. Who would have believed in the Tuskegee Project or MK Ultra before the appalling details finally became public? Had Wikileaks been around in 1950's America, secret and destructive human experiments like these might have been exposed sooner. Lives might have been saved.

Some secrets need to be outed sooner rather than later.

I ran across the gangstalking theory a number of times over the past couple of years while searching for something else, so it doesn't appear to be the invention of a lone science fiction writer. Happy surfing.

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