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Today a new message arrived about the latest threat to our right to privacy. Say hello to CISPA -the Cybersecurity Information and Sharing Protection Act.

It's an attempt to give the government and military agencies unprecedented power to snoop through people's personal information. This includes medical records, private emails, financial information — and the government can do it without a warrant, proper oversight or limits.

Whoa! Hold on there, cyber cowboys! If I can't pry my own medical records outa the hands of that dirtbag doctor (in my opinion) or get my lab results from Quest, then neither should you!

The ACLU has more info http://www.aclu.org/. Hit the link under stop cyber spying to speak up about this legislation.

Here's my take on all this snooping by corporations in partnership with the government:
It's precisely because I have nothing to hide that I regard this as extremely irritating and insulting.

Dig all you want, but you won't uncover any offshore banking accounts linked to me. No, I'm not growing cannabis in my closet, either-even though I believe it's in every one's interest (except the pharmaceutical industry) to LEGALIZE IT. Why don't you go snoop on somebody who's selling weapons to rogue governments?

And because Google and Fakebook want more and more information about me and every other person who ever opened a web page or posted on Fakebook, (so they can sell our info to companies that want to sell us more crap), the government is happy to oblige? Or, because some security queen doesn't like my (ex) Fakebook pics, or finds me suspicious because I'm a vegetarian, let the Internet spying games begin.

What is the government-corporate gluttony for all our information really about? Maybe to appear omnipotent to compensate for the utter impotency of the government to enforce its own laws.

When government tells you it is instituting a new law to "protect" your rights, beware!

The Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) of 1996 was supposed to protect our privacy. It was supposed to protect our medical information from prying eyes. It was supposed to guarantee patients rights to their own health records. It was promoted as "consumer protection." It failed.

Insurance companies, in collusion with doctors and Big Pharma have no problem getting the goods on your medical records, and using that info to deny you health insurance, life insurance, jobs. Your health information is freely available to a wide audience of "exceptions."  You know it. I know it.

Some states--like Florida-- passed their own laws circumventing HIPAA by restricting medical testing labs from releasing patients' lab test results to anyone but the doctor. If the patient doesn't want to see the doctor again, too bad. If the doctor doesn't cooperate with the patient, too bad. If the doctor wants to keep that patient coming back (and paying more ) just to get his/her lab results, there's no government agency that will enforce the patients' rights to his/her records.

HIPAA law states that doctors cannot hold patient medical records hostage for an unpaid bill. Some doctors do it anyway, and the same government that signed HIPAA into law refuses to enforce it.

The same government  that gave us HIPAA does nothing to protect patients rights that are supposedly guaranteed by this law.

Why would CISPA be any different?

Just like a sweetheart union contract, these laws exist only on paper. They are not enforced. Dirtbag doctors and labs can flip them the finger.

Don't be fooled by pseudo protection laws. CISPA will protect the moneyed interests of the corporations that back it, and their government puppets.

Yeah, we got laws. But no rights. Unless we stand up and speak up.

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