Health Care is as Health Care Does

Good people rise above bad politics, and bad politics sink good people. That being said, let me say this: this is not a political blog. It's about health and workplace issues, which often go hand in hand--badly.

I wanted to write about a currently living doctor, an unusual doctor, whose work I greatly admire, but he did not respond to my interview requests. (We blogwriters just don't get no respect.) So, I'm writing about another doctor, also a very unusual doctor--Dr. Ernesto Guevara. Most people know him as "Che." The following words are taken from the book Che: A Revolutionary Life, by Jon Lee Anderson.

"She was dying and there was little Ernesto could do for her. After giving her a prescription for her diet, what remained of his own supply of Dramamine tablets, and a few other medicines, he left, followed by the praising words of the old lady and the indifferent stares of her relatives. The encounter affected him deeply and led him to think about the heartlessness of poverty."

"There in the final moments of people whose farthest horizon is always tomorrow, one sees the tragedy that enfolds the lives of the proletariat throughout the whole world; in those dying eyes there is a submissive apology and also, frequently, a desperate plea for consolation that is lost in the void, just as their body will soon be lost in the magnitude of misery surrounding us. How long this order of things based on an absurd sense of caste will continue is not within my means to answer, but it is time that those who govern dedicate less time to propagandizing the compassion of their regimes and more money, much more money, sponsoring works of social utility."

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