The Bungee Way

Brooklyn, New York has some great dollar stores, especially the one run by a Chinese woman on Manhattan Avenue. So does Utica, in upstate New York. One of the items I found in both cities' dollar stores is the humble bungee cord. In a dollar store you can buy them in a package of six for one dollar. They come in three sizes, the longest being about 36 inches. What's so great about bungees? Here are some of the uses I've found:

Bungees have hooks at both ends. Hook two together end to end and secure the hooks on the other ends to nails, or other secure solid objects (like mirrors, heavy floor lamps --be creative!)on opposite walls of your bathroom, bedroom, or hotel room and make an instant clothesline. Bungees can be used to tie back curtains, (let the sunshine in) or to keep filing cabinet drawers from flying open when you're moving furniture. Loop a shorter bungee around and through the drawer pulls until it's tight and hook them together. If you're moving a futon mattress, you can roll it up with a protective covering on the outside and wrap the bungee around it. Wrap it around bulging boxes to keep them closed. Broken trunk lock? Tie it down with a bungee.

Make a room divider. Hook ends of bungee to nails on opposite walls and throw a curtain, sheet, or blanket over it. Use a bungee to hang Christmas cards on your wall when you don't have a fireplace mantle. Or balloons at a birthday party. Bungee cord can be a temporary fix for luggage with a broken zipper. Wrap it around the suitcase, hook ends together. Bungee and two nails can hang curtains in a window. Wrap it around your leg to keep your pants leg out of the bike chain. Short bungee will hold a wayward plant or tree to a stake until it grows straight on its own.

On strike or protesting? Bungee looped around the back of your neck and hooked into small holes in the top of your picket sign will free your hands for other things--like holding a bullhorn, videotaping the police, calling your lawyer.

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