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The dust has settled--sort of--on the Florida boot camp scandal that left a 14-year old boy dead, and ended with the state paying his family a million or two, as if that will buy them a new son.
How this kid wound up in a boot camp is a scandal in itself. He went for a joyride in his grandmother's car.

Now in Texas another scandal has emerged that could've ended just as disastrously as the one in Florida, but fortunately this child is still alive. She's a 15-year old girl and her name was withheld. The incident was reported by the Associated Press last Sunday and it was carried by Fox News as well. Look it up. Google "15 year old boot camp detainee dragged by truck."

You heard right. A 15 year old child serving time in a CHRISTIAN boot camp in Texas was disciplined by being dragged by a rope tied to the back of a van. The story seems to have disappeared as fast as it appeared. I've seen nothing more on it, but I hope by now the girl's family now has retained the best and most ferocious personal injury/civil rights lawyer in the country.

What is up with this #$%!? First you drug 'em with Ritalin and who knows what other garbage because they won't sit still. How did teachers get kids to pay attention before all these drugs were cooked up by Big Pharma? Here's a suggestionn: try being interesting, engaging their minds and imaginations, teach them something besides how to pass a standardized test-- like how to think. And no, I'm not dumping on teachers. Virtually all the teachers I've talked to are opposed to the endless testing/drilling/competing for test scores.

When they get older, and they screw up, you stick 'em in military style boot camps, and the "success" (?) rates of these places is not very good, according to this http://www.iejs.com./
(Index: Juvenile boot camps) Also, see Coalition Against Institutionalized Child Abuse. www.caica.org

If dragging a child behind a moving vehicle is an example of boot camp style "rehabilitation" small wonder the recidivism rate is so high for the "graduates" of these torture camps. And if this is an example of Christian "justice," you can keep your religion. Another reason why church and state should be separate.

OK, bring on the hate mail...

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ClapSo said...

These are just some of many examples that prove the right wing agenda is a failure! Keep digging this stuff up Cris, the world needs to know!

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