Happy Happy Holidays

Oh what the hell--Merry Christmas, and Happy Hannukah, Joyous Kwanzaa, Feliz Navidad-- did I leave anybody out?

Whatever these hectic holidays mean to you, to many if not most people they're about gift giving and being with the ones you love. Like the Biblical three wise men following a star and bearing gifts for a newborn baby boy, people will be on the move next month, traveling by boat, plane, car, bus, and Amtrak, bringing gifts to their favorite babies and big people. And what gift will you bring?

How about the gift of art? Go to the website of Juliana, NYC artist under "Grass Roots." http://julianamckeel.com/

When I met her in Union Square Park last year, she was sitting in a folding chair beside a table covered with paintings; one woman among many street artists showing their stuff in the park. The fairly large one closest to Juliana jumped out at me, its gorgeous swirls of pinks and violets so feminine and strong and brave. In retrospect, this painting would have been perfect for my granddaughter; a vivid, lively, evolving painting that she could grow with, but I-- long accustomed to being practical and thrifty--couldn't get my mind around the idea that a working stiff could buy art. Now it's too late, but it's not too late for YOU. Juliana was asking $75 for her painting that day in Union Square Park.

If you're in NYC, maybe you'll see her there some Saturday or Sunday afternoon. Or maybe you can get in touch through her website, which I hope is only down temporarily. (It's back)

The beautiful thing about buying art from a young, struggling--and very talented-- artist is this:
Not only do you give a gift to someone of your choosing; you also give a gift to the struggling artist. I'm not talking about money. I mean recognition, appreciation, and faith.

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