First, Do No Harm

It finally showed up: my free annual credit report from Experian. I only had to wait two years for it. (See "The Rackets," November 30, 2008)

Just as I predicted, all kinds of fully paid bills are still being reported. I have my copies ready to mail disputing the items still showing up as late/unpaid. I could have filed bankruptcy for half of what it cost me to pay the hospital bills, and back rent. I paid them as soon as I was able to-- given my poverty wages--because they were legitimate.

Not so legitimate in my opinion is Asset Acceptance-- the collection agency that sued me past the statute of limitations for a secured credit card with a $250 limit that was backed up by my cash deposit. (See "Working Class Blues: Swimming With the Sharks" August 2006) This is the same collection agency that somehow got a judgment against me when I wasn't present and wasn't even notified there was an appearance before the judge. Asset Acceptance, which has rated many mentions in http://www.ripoffreport.com/ made FIVE inquiries against my credit report in November and December, 2007. Doesn't that constitute some kind of abuse?!

Hey Asset: there are no more bones to pick here--I haven't used credit since 1997. Find another victim; or even better-- find a non-predatory business to engage in!

The documents I can and will provide to the CRAs on request include:
1. An Order Granting plaintiff's (Asset Acceptance) Motion TO VACATE DEFAULT FINAL JUDGMENT, dated 2006 and,

2. a NOTICE OF VOLUNTARY DISMISSAL WITH PREJUDICE, dated Feb 2007. in addition I have an invoice paid in full for two hospital bills, a copy of paid in full receipt for Tampa emergency room physicians, and a copy of check mailed to pay in full back rent incurred when I was fired (unjustly) from the job I held in 2001.

The following are two bills now appearing on my Experian credit report I'll never pay. These charges are courtesy of our predatory wealth care system:

1. $25 for a co pay to a doctor that the referring doctor's receptionist told me would not apply. She lied. I got socked with this after I'd already paid way more to satisfy the deductible, blah, blah blah... For $25 this health "care" provider turns it over to a collection agency. Hell, even I wouldn't turn over a $25 charge to a collection agency. Let me ask the doctor this: Is business that bad ? $25??!

The second is a $59 charge for an office visit that went like this:

Nevermind Street #B10
Someplace, FL 33%#&

July 2, 2006

Dr. DONO Harm, D.O.
666 N. Whatever Avenue
Suite 201
Sunshine, FL 33^&%

Re: Bill #1 $59.57

Dr. Harm:

The "services" you provided to me were these: 1. weight check; 2. blood pressure check.
I could do this for myself for free. At Publix (supermarket), Target, or at the gym.

Never in my life has my blood pressure been as high as it was when recorded in your office.

After keeping me waiting for over one hour, (with an appointment) this is the "treatment" you provided to me:

You browbeat me, dismissed my legitimate health concerns, disregarded my symptoms, humiliated, disrespected and traumatized me. Because of your behavior, I will never seek treatment from another gastroenterologist. Because of your behavior, I will find it difficult to trust any other doctor again.

I will never pay your bill.

Very truly yours,

Cris D'Angelo

cc: definity health, et al

A copy of this complaint was sent to the Florida Department of Health, Division of Medical Quality Assurance. They replied that although the doctor's behavior is "unacceptable," it is not illegal.

Business as usual.
As a patient/consumer/whatever I have the right to choose or refuse treatment, based on my personal beliefs and knowledge of my own body and/or condition (s). But this doctor believed only his chosen treatment was acceptable. Consequently, he refused to fill out the 5 or 6 lines of info needed for me to continue my paid medical leave of absence from my job. While the paperwork languished on hold, the health and dental premiums contined to accrue. Because I was not receiving sick pay, I couldn't afford to pay the premiums, and I was forced to resign. The harm that was caused by this a$$ hole is incalculable.

I have a chronic liver condition and I don't drink alcohol. I don't smoke. I exercise. I eat no junk food. Isn't that health care? Who decided for the rest of us that only expensive, sometimes toxic drugs are the only acceptable health care?

I'm disabled and I vote. What I'll never vote for is a candidate who wants to mandate private wealth care on all of us. I've been economically bludgeoned quite enough with this free (?) market brand of wealth"care," in which Big Pharma and/or a customer service rep working for an insurance company dictates to doctors and their patients what "treatment" is acceptable for a given illness or condition and which conditions it will treat and/or pay for. So thank you very much, but no thanks.

See ya in November!

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