Rebate Fever

So anyway, while the politicians and the opinionators debate whether we're in a "recession" or a "slow down" or a "rough patch," Americans sit around kitchen tables trying to decide what they'll spend their rebates on. So many choices! A tank of gas for the SUV? A week's mortgage payment on that subprime adjustable rate? A prescription fill up?
A deluxe tent for the newly foreclosed upon folks down the block.
School clothes for the children?
Food for the whole family this week?
Decisions, decisions...
I'll be spending mine on vitamins. Jumbo size. Recommended by my doc to save my deteriorating bones, or at least slow down the deterioration. Vitamins too costly for my poverty paycheck and too "frivolous" to be paid for by my HMO (health murdering organization).
But first I'll be checking to make sure they aren't made in China.
Nothing against the Chinese people, or Chinese culture, or Chinese acupuncture...just don't feel comfortable with the apparent lack of health and safety oversight in China's manufacturing sector...
Maybe that's because China doesn't have Ralph Nader. We do.
Citizen Nader: watching the American consumer's back since 1965.

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