It Matters

If voting made any difference it would be illegal. Some say. Well, in some places it is illegal. In Florida, for example, if you're a convicted felon, you can't vote--ever. Unless you somehow get a pardon from the governor, which takes a long time to happen, if it happens.

If it didn't matter, votes wouldn't have been thrown out in 2000 because of "hanging chads," and voters' names wouldn't have been wrongly removed from the voter rolls, and students who registered voters in the South wouldn't be dead.

It does matter, and hopefully, all you who can, are registered to vote and have either voted early or will do it tomorrow.

I have a gut feeling the Wall Street looters will vote.

Oh yeah, one more thing: Whoever wins should make damn sure every service man/woman receives a ballot and every ballot is counted, even if it takes until January 20, '09. Email 'em fax 'em, drop the &^%#@!* ballots into Iraq by parachute--if they're good enough to die for this country, they're good enough to vote for their commander-in-chief!!!

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