Give the Man a Chance!

To Republic Windows and Doors and Bank of America: You need to do right by your workers. And the law.

To the sitting workers: Stand your ground. Those of us who can't be with you in person are sure as hell with you in spirit.

The chorus from the left is getting louder. Rising voices of criticism against President-elect Barack Obama. Is it really necessary to point out the obvious? He ain't the prez yet. His first day on the job happens January 20, 2009. He's not conservative enough. He's a socialist. He's too centrist/rightist. He's not radical enough.

This is why some call you the "loony left."Exactly what would you do in his place--start a new cultural revolution? Send the politically "incorrect" to labor camps? Yeah, that worked out well in China and Vietnam. Why don't we try something else?

Still others surface: A New Jerseyite tried alleging Barack's birth certificate is a "fake." He wasn't really born in Hawaii. Waa,waaa, waaaa. No it's not yes he was. Get over it, dumass.

Instead of lambashing (I know it's misspelled) the guy for the job he hasn't stepped into yet--and the mess he has--why don't you all go to Chi town and give some support to the Republic workers who were summarily dismissed from their jobs without the legally required 60 days notice. Cook them some good hearty meals, bring some blankets and sleeping bags to them--it gets cold as hell in Chicago. Show up with some empty laundry baskets. Bring them some clean clothes, and carry their dirty clothes out of the plant, wash them, and bring them back. Get a message in to the Republic workers and ask them what they need to survive this sit in, which has been endorsed by President-elect Obama, by the way.

Do a toy drive for the workers' kids.

The left has always portrayed itself as worker friendly. Well, back it up. These workers were laid off right before the holidays. They just lost all their income, without notice-- benefits as well. Any leftist doctors 'n' dentists out there? Can you offer your services pro bono?

Enough with the political rhetoric. The election is over. The people voted. Now we have work to do--all of us, together. Do something--something practical! see Orlandofoodnotbombs.org.

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