Identity Thieves?

You know who you are. Less than 24 hours ago I dropped my wallet in WalMart, and you are the one(s) who found it. I haven't heard from you, despite the fact that my ID was in that wallet and you could have found my phone number and called me.

Or you could have turned it in to the manager at WalMart, or to a police officer. A police report was filed on the missing wallet and every piece of identification it contained. And the dollar--you can keep that, by the way.

By now you know the Mastercard is useless to you because I called the credit union and had it closed, permanently. The credit bureaus have been notified to place a fraud alert on my credit report, so if you thought about using my ID to get credit, forget it. The DMV has also been notified that my driver license was in the missing wallet. Tomorrow morning I'll call New York state to notify them my health insurance card was stolen, in case you're thinking of selling it to someone out of state. That Gold's NYC gym membership card--the membership was closed already, so it won't do you any good. Neither will the New York Public Library card, since you don't know my password. Security's tight in the Big Apple. And those keys won't open anything of value. They're generic padlock keys and I have duplicates.

Tomorrow morning the Board of Elections will hear from me that my identification card is lost and/or stolen, as will the Social Security Administration. I have other documentation to prove my identity, so if you're thinking of using it, better think twice.

If, however, you're honest and a good samaritan, you'll return my wallet and identification.
No doubt you've noticed my current address on my voter ID card. You could simply drop the wallet and its contents off at that address. Just leave it at the front desk. Nobody will ask you any questions.

Except this one: Do you believe in Karma? Well, do ya?

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