Yesterday's lineup for America's "dialogue" on health care reform included all the usual suspects. Drug company pushers--I mean reps-- were there. Wealth Insurance company muckety mucks had a seat at the table.

Conspicuously absent were the Americans who have died because they lacked access to health care. Still, they had their advocates.

Eight persons of conscience--some of 'em doctors-- attended the session; wearing black, the color of mourning.

Senator Max Baucus, the leader of the health care forum, and others at the table, found it all amusing. I heard the laughter on the news through a haze of sleep, having spent the past several nights in extreme pain from another bout of sciatica. In my pain befuddled state I thought the laughter was a joke, satire, a clip from The Colbert Report, maybe. It was no joke. These conscientious protesters were arrested for making a pitch for what citizens in every other developed country have: universal health care. Eight doctors, lawyers, & concerned citizens arrested for disrupting Congress. WTF???

(If I had Mr. Baucus' health plan, I'd take myself to a chiropractor or acupuncture physician or maybe see a DO for osteopathic manipulation. But I don't have the health insurance, and can't afford to pay cash. Ouch.)

The health insurance companies generously offered to quit overcharging women on their health care premiums, and stop the age discrimination. In exchange for these "concessions" the wealth care industry wants Congress to require all Americans to buy health insurance.

Isn't that the problem? People don't have health insurance/get health care because they can't afford it!

That's like requiring all homeless people to buy a house.
Anyway--here's the video. (sorry about the commercial)

May 7: MSNBC’s Ed Schultz talks with Dr. Margaret Flowers, who was advocating for a single-payer system when she was escorted out of a Senate hearing and put into jail, and Sen. Debbie Stabenow, D-Mich., who was present when this occurred.

Another roundtable with Senator Baucus, D-Wealth Insurance Land comin' up: May 12. Call his office: tell him you want a single payer representative at the table this time.

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