Don't Be a Stooge

Health care reform talks are under way in the great banquet halls of Washington, and all the usual suspects are feasting at the public trough. Senator Max "let'em eat cake" Baucus presides at the head of the table, joined by a gaggle of wealth insurance industry reps, who haven't missed any meals lately.

It's just recently, after some citizens got arrested for protesting the absence of any representative for a single payer health plan for their fellow Americans, that the Senator "allowed" a representative for single payer to join the talks.

Former HCA CEO Rick Scott is spreading his message of health care "choice" over the airwaves via pricey T.V. ads that only a wealth insurance industry profiteer could afford.

The truth is, the only choice Scott and his ilk care about is their choice to make obscene profits at the expense of your health.

Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice, shame on me. The insurance industry cult of death fooled enough people in the Clinton administration to kill Hillary's health care initiative back in 1993.

Today, after 16 years of higher premiums, higher co-pays, higher deductibles, fewer choices of doctors and services--not to mention the Medicare and Medicaid fraud rip offs by private HMOs aka Health Murdering Organizations--is there anybody left in the world who really believes the wealth care industry's B.S.?

If you believe that the wealth insurance industry is fighting so hard against a single payer public health plan because the insurance industry is concerned aboout your choices, well, then you're the stooge.

As for Senator Balk at single payer choice and Rick "kill 'em & bill 'em" Scott, here's pie in ya face!

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HollyRenee said...

I was just reading over your blog, & I'm quite impressed :)
You've got some well written stuff here, and I have to say I agree with most of it.
I'll keep reading if you keep posting!
-Holly Renee