To Your Health

cartoon courtesy of St Petersburg Times
Sunday 6/21/2009.

Got health insurance? Don't hold yer breath waiting for "reform" to kick in because ya might not have the coverage to pay for a doc to resuscitate you.

The latest scam the health-- whocares? hucksters are running on us is a "cooperative exchange" where we, the rabble, can purchase wealth care insurance, thus adding to the wealth care industry's profits.

OK, one more time.

People don't have wealth insurance because... t h e y c a n 't af f o r d i t.

The premiums are too high, co-pays are too high, deductibles are too high, coverage is too dodgy/skimpy, and too many people are unemployed, and the COBRA subsidy either missed them or they can't afford it even with the subsidy, and besides, COBRA is temporary-- like too many jobs these days.

You didn't think the wealth insurance industry and Big Pharma drug pushers were gonna give up their profitable stranglehold on the nation's health. Did ya? Ha, ha! That would be like Exxon selling hybrid plug-in cars.

HR 676 is the right plan. Kick the wealth care companies out of our doctor's offices, out of our hospitals, and out of our pockets. Evict the HMOs (Health Murdering Organizations) from medicare and medicaid.

Read all about it: www.healthcare-now.org/hr-676

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