America's Most Crooked

It was bound to happen. Today's St. Petersburg Times told the story of 73 year old James Bruce, a grandfather, and owner of a struggling garden store. Mr. Bruce was arrested today for three bank robberies. He has not been arrested before and reportedly did not use a weapon during the robberies. He slipped a note to the bank tellers, asking for $600 in each robbery because he needed it to pay his mortgage. He considered it a loan, intending to pay it back. Business had been bad lately, and he was struggling...

Business is booming for garbage electronics company Funai Corp. aka Emerson Electronics, also selling under the aliases Sylvania, Symphonic, Magnavox, Philips, and who knows what else. Funai, which seems to be headquartered in either Tokyo or Canada or Torrence California or Hackensack, New Jersey makes a killing selling defective consumer electronics--televisions, vcrs, radios and stereos-- through big box chains like WalMart. Buyer beware. Avoid this brand like the plague that it is. Because I trusted the Walmart name ( ha--no more!) I bought my Emerson/Funai tv/dvd player there. After 5 months, it stopped playing DVDs. Since December, I've called, emailed this company dozens of times. I tried emailing WalMart CEO Mike Duke too. No reply from the big box.

Evasion is Funai Corp's operating mode, and when that doesn't work, flat out rudeness. When they do answer a call or email, they usually refer me to a different phone number-- one that has been disconnected or is no longer in service...a quick check of www.ripoffreport.com confirms that I'm not the only consumer robbed--yes robbed-- by this shady operation. With big ticket items, buying used is better. You know what you're getting has no warranty. You can try it before you hand over your money, and if you buy it locally, at a yard sale or thrift shop, you know where to find the seller. Not the case with slippery Funai.

Bail for the Air Force veteran accused of grand theft bank is set at $22, 500. Unlike the banksters and mortgage sharks that robbed thousands of Americans, Mr. Bruce won't be getting a government bailout. He has a wife and a cat who need him.

The Bruce's garden store, Something Different, is located at 3627 South Westshore Boulevard in Tampa, Florida. I can't think of a better place to send domestic donations if you should feel so inclined.

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