Petroleum Blackened Seafood

Today's yahoo news roundup assures us that a little petro oil on your seafood never hurt anyone, so enjoy!
The link to this ridiculous news spin bite has disappeared as quickly as it appeared, probably in response to all the critical reader comments.

The oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico--just in case you hadn't heard-- was caused by an explosion on a Deepwater Horizon oil rig 52 miles southeast of Venice, Louisiana. The explosion's cause is unknown. Eleven workers are missing and presumed to be dead, and others are critically injured. A number of sea turtles have died, and the gulf coast seafood industry is all but dead.

The Wall Street Journal reports that the oil well didn't have a remote control shut off switch. The reason it didn't is because Dick Cheney's energy task force decided that the $500,000 switches were too expensive and they didn't want to burden BP Oil with the extra expense, according to environmental lawyer Mike Papantonio. There was a cementing job contracted by Halliburton just before the explosion happened, so one more time...honk if you still HATE HALLIBURTON!

The oil fouled waters threaten the lives of fish, dolphins, sea turtles, brown pelicans, and other deep water wildlife.

Meanwhile the oil slick spreads, blobs of oil have appeared on Alabama beaches and here's a link to organizations that are working on the cleanup. Mote Marine Laboratory http://www.mote.org/

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