Hey You

I'm talking to you, haven't seen you in a while. No name no city--it doesn't matter anyway. Because where you live is in the bottle. Pill bottle, booze bottle, either way--or both. That bottle is what you get up for every day, and wherever you are now, if you keep on this path, you're going to one of two places: prison or the graveyard.

I'm talking to you because I care. I know your heart is good, and I know how smart you are. I know how talented you are. And young. You're still young, but every day we all get a litttle bit older.

You know I know what I'm talking about. I'm not preaching--I don't believe in it-- because preaching is moral violence.

This is America. If you run outa pills or run outa money for pills, or run outa doctors to prescribe you those pills, and turn (inevitably) to heroin, no American doctor is gonna prescribe heroin for you. Are you ready to move to the UK for your addiction? Your habit will push you further into the street, and closer to the prison or the graveyard. I don't say this to scare you.

I know there's pain; there always is. You're still using so you haven't hit your WALL yet. Or put another way, hit bottom. When you finally hit your wall, there will be no place to go and nothing to do but turn and face your enemy and fight it.

You're wandering still. You've lost yourself, lost your way, stopped fighting for you. Maybe you don't feel like fighting for you right now. Maybe you just don't have the energy or the will to get yourself free, so take some of the energy I'm sending your way right now, and use it. Thousands have felt as you do now. So...

Fight for your art, fight for your music, fight for your kid(s), fight for your favorite aunt or brother or grandma, fight for a cause, fight for the earth, fight for the animals, fight for your sport, for your spiritual beliefs. Fight for your freedom. If the drugs got you, you're not free. If  booze has got you, you're not free. When you're ready to fight for yourself, you will find others willing to help you, even if you don't see them now.

When you're ready to learn the teacher appears.

New York City: 1976. In a store window in east Harlem there was this white tote bag. On it were the words: "I am free No dope for me."

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Unknown said...

There was an independent 45 rpm record by the Dynamics, produced in East Harlem around 1970 called: "I Am Free, No Dope For Me." I wonder if there is a connection?