Earth to Simpleton...um Simpson

Today, in yet another spectacular display of foot-in-mouth disorder, former senator Alan Simpson likened Social Security recipients to calves feeding at mama cow's tit. (M-O-O-OO) This was a demotion from Simpsons' earlier assessment of social security beneficiaries as "lesser humans."

Although...if Simpson is a typical human, I'd rather be a cow.

Peaceful cows munching grass.Mama cow with calf

Federal social insurance taxes are imposed equally on employers and workers, consisting of 6.2% of wages, up to an annual maximum of $106, 800 in 2010, unchanged from 2009. So you lucky duckies that earn $106,800 or more annually don't have to pay any social security taxes. (Quack,quack!) Who sez life ain't fair?

Oh, and the social security tax--also known as FICA-- is not imposed on investment income. So all you hedge fund/creative financial instrument hucksters are off the hook for social security taxes on your ill gotten gains.

I'm guessing that Simpson enjoys a decent government pension and health benefits and can peacefully enjoy his golden years without the twin devils of poverty and poor health care kicking in his door.

Well, that ain't most of us. Private employer provided pensions are quaint relics of the past. They faded away as well paid manufacturing jobs left the land.

There might be a few exceptions--check with the Teamsters, and any other unions that are still breathing in the USA.

Earthling to gov: Please kick this guy off the deficit commission. He has a moral deficit he needs to attend to before we lesser humans can trust him with our lives.

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