My Blog n I'm Sticking to It

So some guy on Wired thinks we the "small people" bloggers should just fergittabout it cuz bloggin' is over. And the corporate bloggers own this blabla bbla.

Actually, I was kinda bored with blogging back in '07 then I got interested again. Now that some news magazine blog thinks bloggers like me should quietly go away, well that's a whole new motivation. I'm here, corporate shills/ product hucksters/professional leftist/ radical right hacks, and as long as I have something to say I'll blog it. Intelligent commentators will be read, opportunistic links will be deleted, and spam will be deep sixed.

Which brings me to--again--health care.
Or the lack of it.

Let's be real here. Medicare doesn't include dental. Medicaid hardly includes dental. Most non union employer provided health plans for workings stiffs serve up crappy dental plans. So what happens if your dentist says you need 3 crowns, zoom whitening, and braces and you don't have 3 million dollars?

Your dentist's office might offer you something called "Care Credit." It's a health care credit card for the poor and uninsured and uninformed. I can't help you with the poor part, and I tried to help with the uninsured part (see previous blogs on universal health care) What I can do--I can help people be better informed.                                             

Get informed about it here:http://www.ag.ny.gov/

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