The Fox

'Twas the month before midterms and all round the block, not a democrat was sign waving...what's up with dat?

On the way to tai chi class, I passed a block long crowd on the sidewalk in front of Fox News. Always interested in what a picketing crowd is picketing about, I scanned their red/white/blue signs and discovered all of them were for Rick Scott (see Hospital Corporation of America ) and Charlie Crist (independent-no party affiliation) Didn't see a single sign for a democratic candidate. OK, this is Fox, after all. Maybe the dems were holding signs in front of NBC, or CBS, or Animal Planet.

Or maybe they just figured out that the truth is, no political party works for us. Both sides work for the corporations. And their own careers.

Further down the street I passed the traffic island furnished--for at least a week, with somebody's battered and grimy mattress. Don't know if somebody has been sleeping on it, or if it fell off a truckload of foreclosed household goods.

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