Nothing Good

It's an absurd ritual that replays every couple of years when new representatives of "the people" take their seats in the nation's capitol. Republicans rant about budget deficits and spending too much of the people's money on such wasteful things as medical care and pensions for the old and disabled and setting reasonable limits on how many children can be crammed into a classroom with one teacher to teach all of them.

These same "fiscal conservatives" see nothing wrong with continuing to sacrifice the young lives of soldiers who patriotically march off to a war that costs$$$$$$$$$???????????and sends that money down a black hole into infinity. War is absurd. In the same way that hitting your children is absurd. It creates fear and anger and scars both external and internal.

Now the newly emboldened Republicans balk at extending unemployment benefits for the American workers who remain unemployed due to the world wide economic meltdown orchestrated by the evil geniuses on Wall Street who make their lucrative living by manipulating other people's money.

They seem to think we, the American people are morons with such short attention spans that we forget how the Great Recession began.

The Republicans --and some Democrats argue that The Richie Riches of the country should keep their tax cuts bestowed upon them by the former president Bush because it is the Richie Riches who will save us all by building new Mc Donald's and Taco Bell restaurants and getting us all "back to work."

Well, the Riches have had two years to "create" these new jobs. Where are they?

Nothing good ever came of losing your nerve. Nothing good ever came of caving. Nothing good ever came of living your life on your knees, cowering in fear.

To the so called representatives of the American people, with the exception of Bernie Sanders, grow some-- will ya. Stand up and do what is right.

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