Happy Thanksgiving

No, it's not November. But I'm thankful anyway. Because I'm HERE, not THERE.

I'm thankful for the cats. For the trees waving in the breeze. I'm thankful for the natural world that no human artist could ever create and no developer could ever build and the people who fight to preserve it.

I'm thankful for people who care about something or somebody besides themselves.

I'm thankful for small gardens.

For the sunshine and the rain.

I'm thankful for people who stand up and speak up.

I'm thankful. For dogs barking and tail wagging.

For children's laughter.

For Comedy Central
Dollar stores, Christmas trees, and flamingoes.

Sunflowers. Crayon drawings.

I'm thankful for music, and pizza, and second chances.

For all the old WISE ONES and all the young WISE ONES.
For Karma
tai chi
And that's why.

UCan't touch this.

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