The Unemployment Problem

In a state where the rate of unemployment is reported to be 12 percent, this ad was placed in the employment section of one newspaper...

"Shipping/Receiving Clerk
Duties include but not limited to: Heavy lifting, carpentry skills, operation of forklift and computer, building maintenance and inventory control. Must posses a valid driver's license, clean driving record and dependable transportation. Email resume to info at XXXXXXXXXdotcom or fax to XXX-XXX-XXXX."

OK, maybe it's me but I see at least four jobs in that ad--besides the shipping/receiving clerk position. Any shipping/receiving clerks out there--Please comment on what your jobs actually involve.

Routinely hiring one person to do four jobs might be one reason for high unemployment numbers.

Psst... a better job title for this ad might be "JACK OF ALL TRADES."

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