What If Everybody Had Enough?

What is enough?

For a child in Somalia, it might be a daily nutritious diet and shelter from the blistering sun.

For a Haitian mother, food for herself and her children, decent housing with a measure of safety, and a way to make a living.

For a hedge fund manager, "enough" is annual multi-million dollar bonuses, free flowing cocaine, a luxury Manhattan apartment from which he can look down upon the masses of fellow humans living on the streets of the city.

For a New York City shelter dweller, enough might mean a small, clean, rent stabilized apartment, a regular paycheck.

For the young (and not so young) protesters currently camping around Wall Street, "enough" is a tarp to shelter them from the rain. Enough is donated pizzas sent to them, with love, by well-wishers who understand their message and cheer them on.

Enough means that people who are able to work ought to be able to find work that supports them and their families.

Enough means that all citizens, regardless of bank account size should be able to easily access decent affordable housing by either renting or buying.

Enough means that all citizens, regardless of what's in their wallets, should be able to access safe, affordable health care--and yes dental care is health care too--when they need it, not when a health crisis sends them into an emergency room.

Enough means that every child in this country can get a quality free education, regardless of where they live.

Enough means that every young adult who aspires to higher education can get the education he or she is willing to work to achieve, without becoming indentured to a bank for life.

Enough is the opposite of greed.

Greed means enough is never enough.

Some of us seem to have forgotten the difference.

I think that's what the Wall Street OccuPIErs are trying to say. Their message is music to the ears of a hell of a lot of people, while many in the MSM (mainstream media) pretend to be tone deaf.

A wise person said: "The love of money is the root of all evil."

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