Hello Occupation!

From the beginning, I watched in amazement and appreciation of your message, your idea that gave voice and then form to what so so many of us knew in our bones: that something is very wrong in this country. In the early days, I watched,waited, shared, and wondered if it was real.

You're now in day 26 of your occupation of Wall Street. You have boots on the ground. Pretty impressive. It can't be easy, camping on the cold hard ground, dodging police clubs, and pepper spray, organizing, and sharing information and food and meeting needs, and staying vigilant for those who mean you harm.

Your message is powerful; it always was-- even as a small whisper passed from person to person on the Internet. Now, it's being heard as a roar, it's spreading like a wild fire all over the world, and you are making an impact. As always, with powerful messages that comfort the afflicted and afflict the comfortable, somebody will try to shut you-- the messengers, up. They'll try, but you already know they can't kill an idea. Ideas are bulletproof.

Wall Street's private rented security force tries to scare you, disperse you, club you into silence. Certain cynical politicians pandering to the privileged and powerful try to marginalize and/or ridicule you.  They fail because too many people of too many backgrounds from too many places hear your message and agree. The infiltrators and trolls online, and on the street, will lurk and stalk amongst you, trying to silence you through deception and theatrics.

Your message has always been peaceful resistance. Anyone claiming to be with you who acts violently is either:

1. Nutz, or
2. Trying to get you busted and hauled off to jail.

Don't let them. You're more creative than that, #OWS. Trust your gut.

Somebody reminded me of a song the other day. Five to One by the Doors. The lyrics: "They got the guns but we got the numbers."

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