Cats Occupy

Those who know me well know me as a "cat lady." I fed the ferals until my savings ran out. Now I feed them when I can. Last year we trapped (humanely) five feral cats, brought them to a vet for recommended vaccines and returned them to their outdoor home. (After first checking with the property owner to make sure the cats would continue to be welcome there.)

Nobody knows how the cat colony got here. It doesn't matter. They are here, they have multiplied, and they have made this beautiful natural environment their home. The cats occupy. The humans feed them, bring them fresh water, and follow them-- if not on facebook, then in real time. See any similarities between the cats and the human occupiers?

My 2o12 resolution is to work with our local Trap/Neuter/return program to bring some more of the cats to a vet, get them vaccinated, spayed and/or neutered and quickly return them to their beautiful woodland home and fellow cat occupiers.

One of the "feeding stations" for the cats.
Cats celebrate Halloween

"Smokey'--the original occupier
Cat occupier sharpens claws on tree branch.
Cat chillin' in leaves
This cat was born here in early 2011.

At other end of city, the people occupy.
A message from our young occupiers.

Daiquiri is a student majoring in cultural anthropology and gender studies.

Occupy With Love.

We occupy with music.

Occupy Tampa reads.

Occupy Tampa protesters are confined to sidewalk.
Tampa occupiers are not "allowed" to camp on the grassy area of Curtis Hixon Park.

The thing that is most baffling to the mainstream media is that in the Occupy movement there are no cliches. Some are barefoot. Some wear suits. There are nurses and soldiers. There are college students. Homeless persons. Occupiers in love. Single and married occupiers. Gay occupiers. Grandparent occupiers. Occupiers with their dogs. Occupiers with drums and guitars. Working occupiers. One early morning occupier said that weekdays after five o'clock many working folks come to Curtis Hixon Park to join the occupation.

It would make life easier for the 1% if they could just slap occupiers with a single label.
They've tried: "hippies," "commies," "druggies," "unemployed bums" (see "Get a job!").

Unfortunately for the 1% the usual labels just don't apply here. Diversity makes us strong.

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