Why People Don't Like Government Agencies

Today's mail brought a surprise. A letter from the County Expressway Authority. It contained a toll-by - plate invoice for $3.75 for the license plate I surrendered in November 2010.

I don't own a car. I had a bike, but it rusted. I still like bikes.

I turned the license plate in to the tag office where I signed over the car to the current owner. That was in the fall of 2010--before November 2--because November 2, 2010 was the date my car insurances policy would expire.

I asked the woman behind the desk at the tag office for a receipt, and she said the surrender license plate notice would be mailed to me. It was. I have it.

The expressway is taking photos of my old license plate (if that's even my old license plate number; I'm still investigating that)-- on some unknown car driven by an unknown person. I want to know who that person is and why they're driving around with my old license plate, and why I got their bill from the county government that oversees such things.

And btw- even when I did own a car, I never ever drove on the Selmon Expressway.

So I went to the website listed on the invoice because of course, government offices close at 6 p.m. (or earlier).

On their website this is what I found:

21.   What if I get an invoice for a license plate I no longer have?
If you no longer own the vehicle, you will need to contact the appropriate vehicle registry to correct their registration information. You will also need to provide an affidavit verifying that you are no longer the vehicle owner. This affidavit form is available by clicking this link: Affidavit Form. ( don't click on it--it's corrupted)
Mail the Affidavit Form to:
THEA Correspondence
PO Box 22806
Hialeah, FL 33002-2806
Unfortunately, when I clicked the link, the Affadavit Form could not be printed, copied, saved or emailed, because..."This operation is not permitted."
So tomorrow I'll try the phone number. Stay tuned. More fun to come.

Another government screw up. Although I contend that behind every government screw up is an individual with access to a government computer--an individual either incompetent, lazy or malicious.

An individual that fuels the anti government fire.

Those individuals should be doxed.

So it turns out that one letter of the license plate was "mis-typed." Funny that, because "U" and "Q" are far apart on the keyboard.

Also, according to the courteous person known as "Laz" at the Expressway Authority in Miami, the photographed car was a Toyota Avalon. I've never owned a Toyota Avalon.
To digress for a minute...
I tend to regard suspiciously those career politicians that stomp 'n' holler 'n' campaign vigorously  for elected office because they want to represent "The People." These are the same elected officials who won't answer their phones when "The People" come calling. This is you too, democrats.

In the end it is exactly as an embattled southern factory worker said back in 2000.

When he was handed a campaign leaflet showing Al Gore and George W. Bush with the caption "Who will fight for working people?" this wise citizen said, "Nobody. We fight for ourselves."

Oh hey, government, ever wonder why tea partiers and other citizens are so fed up with you?

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