Thanks Honest Abe! (or Amy)

You know who you are, honest one, but I don't. You found my little green wallet with all my ID and $1 where I dropped it at WalMart in February. You found it and turned it in to WalMart's management.

Yesterday WalMart manager Donna called me, and told me they had my wallet. I had given up ever getting it back. It's been awhile, I told Donna.

She'd had a little trouble finding my phone number. My wallet contained identification from four different cities and two states. I moved a lot in the past three years. Blame it on an overheated housing market and frozen wages.

WalMart's Donna said she finally got my phone number by calling the voter registration office and giving them the name and address on my voter ID card. My decision to register to vote as soon as I moved into this, my latest home was a good one.

Whoever you are, Honest One: I can't thank you personally, but your Karma will thank you. You believe in Karma, don't ya?

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