Good Enough 4 Me

Today's Daily News featured a story about a Florida woman, Caitlin Boyle, who said she got tired of seeing women staring into bathroom mirrors and beating themselves up over their supposed shortcomings, so she wrote "You're beautiful" on a post-it sticky note and slapped it on a bathroom mirror.

Boyle's random act of kindness has caught on--internationally--and over 300 note writers have sent in pictures and stories from Germany, Japan, Iraq, as well as the Big Apple. She has a blog called Operation Beautiful.

In an unfortunate reversal of the above, today's St Petersburg Times, in its Jobs section, ran this article: "Face reality in job hunt" by Nirvi Shah

In summary it says that nationwide a growing number of people are turning to cosmetic procedures such as Botox, laser liposuction, and facial plastic surgery to produce a younger look that will lead to work.

People who are unemployed, and therefore have no income, are spending hundreds, even thousands of dollars to make their fifty and sixty year old faces and bodies look younger.

Face it, brothers and sisters: Nobody's fooled. We might dye our gray hair, we might cover those lines with makeup, or get them plumped up with artificial fillers, or zapped out with lasers, but it's all temporary, as is youth.

All that money--spent to fight Mother Nature, what better use might we put that money toward? Got gym membership?
How about a backyard veggie garden?
Instead of "procedures," cultivate health.

Rather than employing desperate and expensive measures to disguise true age, how about we accept ourselves as we are, young or old.
Are you a religious person? I'm thinking of an often heard 70's adage: "God made me and God don't make junk."

Some folks who were/are smart and beautiful in their advanced years, inside and out: Mahatma Gandhi, Aung San Suu Kyi, Albert Einstein, Beatrice Collins (she's not famous), Nelson Mandela, Dorothy Day, Mother Teresa, Dr Maya Angelou...

Health has a beauty of its own that shines through. Self acceptance is healthy. You can't buy it. It's free, but takes work. You have to cultivate it. Think of yourself as a garden. Pull up those weeds that are choking off your flowers, and toss 'em out.

The economy is a riptide. If you've ever been caught in a real ocean riptide, you know that struggling against it is useless. You keep your head up, swim with the current, and let it carry you back to shore.

Instead of surgery or injections or chemicals to unnaturally reshape ourselves into some unreal version of what we believe is acceptable to employers, how about reshaping our own beliefs about what is acceptable?

To paraphrase my favorite scruffy blue haired, googly eyed monster, Cookie Monster: H is for healthy; that's good enough for me.

Health is for everyone, or it should be. This blog post is dedicated to the letter H.
H is for health.HR676 is the way.

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