Swiss Cheeze of Health Care Reform

As expected, the anti change folks now come forward with all their reasons why the current broken health care system that rewards the insurance industry at our expense should not be changed...

And, like swiss cheese, their arguments are full of holes.

Argument 1. With a public health plan, the government--not our doctors and ourselves-- would make our health care decisions.

Hmm. Is that like when your doc refers you to a specialist for a chronic health problem, and your HMO (health murdering organization) sez No, we won't pay for specialists? Or when there is a specialist available, but the specialists are not "in network" and you can't afford the cost of going to an out of network specialist so you don't go? Or is it like when your doc orders lab tests but the HMO says: No, that is not one of our "covered services." So either you don't get the labs or other tests your doctor deems necessary, or you do get them and when you can't pay, collection agencies harass you for the rest of your life.

Or is it like when your dentist says you need a crown to repair your rotten tooth that is mostly crumbling amalgam but the dental HMO says they will only pay for another toxic mercury/amalgam filling. Or only covers cleanings?

I once worked with a guy whose absessed tooth resulted in him being taken by ambulance to a hospital where he stayed for eight days. Fortunately, he lived. Nope, our employer did not provide dental insurance.

Argument 2. Health care for all will cost too much. Too much? Every year premiums go UP, co pays go UP, deductibles go UP. We are already paying more for health care than the countries that cover all the people. Could that be because of all the medical staff needed to fight with the insurance companies, and deal with the paperwork?

While our costs go UP every year, the list of covered services shrinks. Coverage in most employer provided dental plans is so crappy, dentists refuse to see any more of their patients. Some employees can't afford both dental and medical, so they opt for medical coverage only, taking a chance they won't crack a tooth or have another expensive dental emergency.

Argument 3. Providing health care to all will bankrupt small businesses and stifle low wage job creation.

In 2008 more than 46 million Americans had no health insurance. In 2008, we lost $$$$$$$$$$ of jobs. ( I forget the exact number.) General Motors went bankrupt in large part, because of THE COST OF HEALTH INSURANCE for its workers and retirees. Exactly how does our piecemeal, inadequate wealth care system save jobs??????

Quality health care for all--and that includes comprehensive dental.

HR 676 is the way.

Argument 4. Public health insurance for all will lead us on a slippery path to socialized medicine. So, what's the problem? Some services should be for the public good, not the private profiteers.

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