SPILL BABY SPILL (props to Mike)

During a VP campaign speech in Clearwater Florida, Sarah Palin in her finite (yes, intended) wisdom extolled the virtues and benefits of drilling for oil in the Gulf of Mexico.

Now the mainstream media headlines give us two reasons to not continue our business as usual, unsustainable, environment destroying energy policy.

1. The Upper Big Branch mining accident in West Virginia.The word "accident" is not my choice. This mine has had 28 safety violations. Three weeks after the explosion that robbed 29 miners of their lives, the concentration of gases underground is still too high for federal investigators to enter. You can read the 28 safety violations against Upper Big Branch between January 2008 and now here: http://www.msha.gov/

Accident? I wonder, would the mine owners want their sons and daughters to be miners.

And today, the Associated Press reports that two miners are missing in a Kentucky coal mine after part of a roof collapsed.

2. The Gulf Oil Spill. As of yesterday, it was 20 miles away from New Orleans. Today, we learn the oil spill is bigger than previously believed.  A creeping oil blob, advancing ever closer to the shoreline, threatens birds, fish, and other wildlife, air quality, and tourism related businesses. The April 20 explosion on an oil drilling rig in the Gulf of Mexico left 11 workers missing and presumed dead.

Drill, Baby--duh?

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