Limited Governments, Free Markets, Feudalism

I made my trip to ALEC
To see what I could learn
But ALEC locked me out
Of members only stuff
So I tried to download info
On what it costs to join
Then I got a loud red warning:
Your security is at risk.
As described by Alecwatch, ALEC is corporate America's trojan horse in the states.

You try. Maybe yu'll have better luck.
If you're a "new legislator" yu have your own private link. go to : www dot ALEC dot org

Warning: Unless yu're a corporation Alec is not yur friend.
Alec's tax returns show that in 1996 it borrowed half a million dollahs from the Charles Koch charitable foundation
Through ALEC, corporations pay to have their special-interest legislation promoted to state legislators across the country.


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