The New Economy

Whilst job searching during the past two or three years, I've come across a new kind of employment. Sometimes seen on craigslist, sometimes in newspaper classifieds, these new jobs offer "free" room and meals  in exchange for domestic duties such as caring for some one's mother, kids, cleaning their house, cooking, etc.

What if the job seeker needs something that's not food, or a special diet for health reasons. For how many hours each day would the live in employee be expected to be on duty? When does the live in worker have free time, to do as she pleases? Can the live in worker bring friends and/or family to the house/workplace? Will there be an employment contract between the live in worker and the owner of the house? If there's a dispute between a live in worker and the boss, the live in worker is homeless. How is an arrangement like this legal? Plantation owners housed their slaves and provided meals too.

Meanwhile, modern day slave traders are finding more and more brazen ways to exploit humans for slavery: domestic/house slaves, unpaid hair and nail salon workers, sex trade slaves, agricultural slaves, and on and on...

The back page ads in the Village Voice--hell, no I won't throw them a link--are filled with photographs of women in sexually suggestive positions, wearing little or no clothes. How many of these women and/or girls  pose for these pictures willingly and how many are being held as prisoners and sold against their will on the back pages of this supposedly legitimate news publication.

In 1865, the Thirteenth Amendment finalized the abolition of slavery in America, but slavery continues.
Read about some of today's victims here http://www.gems-girls.org/
and here http://www.polarisproject.org/

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