Anonymous Ones

To the Anonymous commentator who said "I complain all the time." Well, anonymous one, when I have a legitimate complaint, I do complain. And unlike you, I'm not afraid to stand up publicly behind my words.

When a company takes money from a customer for something that was never ordered and was immediately returned, and then refuses to refund the money, that's a legit complaint.

As for moving to a "self-sufficient commune:" what exactly is that? And why do you care where I live? Would you be willing to speak out publicly, sign your real name to what you write and allow me to post it?

Complain? Not all my posts are "complaints." Read back in the archives. Some posts are about praising--most recently "Thanks Honest Abe! I think you are the one who is complaining, and maybe you have an axe to grind for whatever reason.

Obviously, you are online and presumably you read the news. Surely, you must be aware of the HOUSING CRISIS and the credit crunch and unemployment figures and the effect this has had on most of us. I often write from a personal viewpoint, but my experiences are not unique.

Why are you anonymous? Are you one of the AIG bonus execs. Are you a vampire? Come out into the sunlight.

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Anonymous said...

I hate it when the wimps drop comments and won't say who they are. That's just chicken shit is all!

That the idiot you speak of in this post mentions a "commune" proves em to be both right wingnut and red baiter. The hell with the troll!

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